AGM LiveStream Links

Sandra Battaglini in Canadian Press
May 8, 2020
CASC Objectives
What is CASC Fighting For?
May 18, 2020

AGM LiveStream Links

Here are the links to know in order to log in, vote and watch the May 11th 2020 AGM livestream.



7:00 – Sandra intro/ State of the Union
           Time to Vote
           Emergency Relief Fund Update
           Introduce Lobbyists Tara and Sean
7:15 – Lobbyists Tara Mazurk and Sean Casey from Global Public Affair Presentation
7:30 – Monty Scott on Budget
7:40 – Adam Growe on CANCOM
7:50 – New Exec Board 1st VP – Paul Snepsts talks about sketch being included
8:00 – New Exec Board 2nd VP – Darryl Purvis talk about why he joined
8:10 – New Exec Board Funding Officer – Drew Picklyk talks about why he joined and a bit about membership. (Passing subject to Charles as you will be working on it together)
8:20 – Charles Demers on Membership and purpose.
8:30 – Sandra wrap up and thank yous

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