City News on Just For Laughs Radio
February 27, 2019
Statement by Bruce Hills, President of Just For Laughs and John Lewis, SVP of Programming and Operations, SiriusXM Canada
February 27, 2019

CASC Announcement to Members

February 27th, 2019

CASC was thrilled to receive news from Bruce Hills, President of Just For Laughs (JFL) by phone today that JFL and SiriusXM Canada are taking action to create a broadcast landscape on satellite radio for Canadian comedy that we can all celebrate.

Just for Laughs informed us, just prior to their public Media Release, that they have made a decision to make their revamped and rebranded “Just For Laughs Radio” 100% content from independently produced Canadian comedians.

There will be no archives, past, present or future, from the JFL catalogue broadcast on the channel.

Just for Laughs has also informed us of their decision to, as soon as possible, revert the format of the station back to 100% content from Canadian comedians. This may take several days to take effect, but in the days ahead, Canadians will once again be the sole voices heard on the channel.

Ben Miner will be heading the programming of the station. It will be branded “Just for Laughs Canada”. This does mean that JFL will have programming oversight on the content that makes it to air. CASC supports their decision to use the JFL brand to take independent Canadian comedy to a new level around the world.

CASC congratulates our Members, and other Canadian comedians from across the country and abroad, for uniting to convey a strong message to industry stakeholders that inspired positive action that will benefit Canadian comedians for years to come.

CASC will continue to advocate on behalf of all of our Members when lobbying with industry, government, and our own community. This includes comedians who have appeared, or will appear, at Just for Laughs events, or independent comedy professionals who may never appear at Just for Laughs events. 

CASC will continue to listen to our Member’s concerns and perspectives about the professional comedy industry in Canada and help build upon our legacy as a comedy nation.

-CASC Executive

See Just For Laughs Official Press Release on the subject.


  1. […] You can read the CASC Official Statement on the reversal of the decision here. […]

  2. CASC is doing a great job here if you ask me about it. This is because they know what is right and how to deal with such things. It won’t take much long either.

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